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About Us

The Convergence Technology Logistics and Terotechnology Institute of Keller, Texas, offers a work-study program in the United States for foreign college students. Currently, the institute focuses on assisting students from English-speaking countries of West Africa to cost-effectively acquire the appropriate mix of cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills in selected market-determined fields of technology in the United States with the ultimate goal of enhancing the workplace capability index and entrepreneurial skills in readiness for paid employment or innovative business start-ups. 

Led by a team with detailed working knowledge of the challenges of workforce capacity building in the emerging markets of West Africa, the institute bridges the gap between the education and skill training systems in America and West Africa by deploying effective and appropriate pedagogical methods that enhances the learning process for the students and trainees. The graduates from our integrated curriculum and skill training are guaranteed opportunities for job placement on the successful completion of their programs.

Our Vision

To be the benevolent institutional leader in the development of a highly educated and productive labor force with best-in-class workforce capability index appropriate for the captive markets, for the continuous development of lean and efficient enterprises and the promotion of self-sustaining economic services clusters in every corner of the world. 

Our Mission
To provide an educational platform that protects college students and trainees from crippling and debilitating student loan debts while meeting and exceeding their expectations for quality education and marketable job skills

Our Values

 • Creativity
 • Integrity
 • Objectivity
 • Benevolence
 • Diligence
 • Stewardship
 • Efficiency


Our Goals

  • To stimulate innovation and create demand by increasing the purchasing power in a local economy through the promotion (by the alumni jointly or severally), of the concept of self-sustaining economic services clusters (SSESCs). The SSESCs will be simultaneously established cluster of linked basic necessities/services required for quality living in that community.
  • To lead the effort to a more effective and sustainable development of the local economy by emphasizing the unique learning and training needs of the critical sectors of the local economy with the highest linkage effects
  • To competently and efficiently build a strong human capital base that are truly employable in the local market place and adequately empowered to build viable and thriving businesses from the ground up
  • To train skilled workers to be fluent in the latest technologies and apply them in industries to offer a broader range of services and products that win ready customers locally, nationally and globally
  • To support the sustenance of globally competitive local economy by continuous development of a productive and flexible labor force that creates, apply and spread new ideas and technologies to develop an efficient local innovation system
  • To protect college students and trainees from crippling and debilitating student loan debts through a structured work-study program that guarantees continuous career development while providing the skills and knowledge required by the market place, and ultimately to provide free college education and skill training (including room, board, transportation and health services) to all enrolled students/trainees of the institute.

Our Metrics

  1. 100% graduation rate
  2. Zero student loan debts for the graduating students and trainees
  3. 100% employment for all graduates with a purchasing power that sustains their welfare and continuous development
  4. A human development index of at least 0.94 for every SSESC promoted by the institute or by the alumni of the institute
  5. A best-in-class Income GINI index of a maximum of 20.0 for every SSESC promoted by the institute
CTLTI Management, Dr. Victor Olaniyi


Victor O. Olaniyi

-AAS, B.S (Honors)., M.S., Ph.D.


-President & CEO, CTLTI

CTLTI Management
Dr. Victor Olaniyi is a seasoned professional with more than 38 years of post-graduate engineering and management experience across four continents (Africa, Europe, North America and the Middle East); covering curriculum planning and academic teaching in tertiary educational institutions, research and development in energy conservation and renewable energy utilization, mobile telecommunications handset design, product & project management and quality engineering, convergence technology products reverse logistics and value stream optimization, lean six sigma analysis as well as real estate brokerage, development and mortgage finance analysis.  

A zealous advocate for rational thought processes and objective search for truth and justice, Dr. Olaniyi is committed to peaceful transformation of communities and the world towards the sustainable promotion of disinterested benevolence and the equitable distribution of economic wealth resulting from the productivity gains enabled by a well-trained and diligent workforce. In this regard, he promoted the establishment of a non-profit organization (Community Partnerships for Equitable Growth Capitalism) as a vehicle for consumer mass mobilization to tame the excessive greed and inequities in the practice of capitalism. He also actively promotes an healthy and redeeming development of true spirituality devoid of sectarian and destructive religious myths with the goal of peacefully and progressively achieving a benevolent, truthful, just, healthy and righteous humanity.  

More importantly, Dr. Olaniyi empathizes with college students in the wasteful and unconscionable price gouging of students in capitalist economies which has resulted in crippling and debilitating student loan debts for students and families. His establishment of the CTLTI platform is his first step of finding a way to defend the students from these price gouging practices and eventually, as currently done in Germany, make higher education truly free to college students in every community of the world.

Dr. Olaniyi is also committed to a number of community and global causes, including Economic empowerment, Environment, Human rights, Poverty alleviation, Naturopathic health & wellness, and the appropriate application of Science and Technology.  

For publicly available summary of Dr. Olaniyi’s education and career life, Click Here to see his LinkedIn profile.

Dr. Oluwatoyin Omotunde Adewole B.S, M.S, Ed.D.


Dr. Oluwatoyin Omotunde Adewole

B.S, M.S, Ed.D.
Program Planning and Curriculum Director

Oluwatoyin Adewole received her doctorate in Education Leadership/Curriculum and Instruction from University of Phoenix in 2012. In addition to having a doctorate degree, she received a Master Degree in Political Science/Public Administration from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria (1986), and a Bachelor Degree in Political Science from University of Ile-Ife (Obafemi Awolowo University), Nigeria (1984). Dr. Adewole also holds a diploma in Cooperative Studies, which she received from the Federal Cooperative College, Nigeria, in 1990.

Dr. Adewole’s first professional career was in the News Media. She worked at The Nigerian Tribune Newspaper from 1986-1990. She was in charge of page planning, editing, proof reading, and column writing mostly on politics and women. She had the opportunity to cover events mostly related to women and children in the entourage of the then Nigeria First Lady, Late Mrs. Maryam Babangida. After leaving the news media, Dr. Adewole embarked on a teaching career by taking a position at the Federal Cooperative College in Nigeria, where she taught Cooperative Law and Principle, as well as Government. She is currently an Eligibility Specialist at the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. She values education and is highly dedicated to ensuring that the educational needs of others are met.